Approximately 1500 of our fifth grade students participate in the iExplore program which is sponsored by Aramco Services Company in partnership with the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The iExplore program ignites students’ interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and introduces them to the energy industry and geoscience careers.

Each year our 5th grade science teachers take part in the iExplore one-day workshop held in the Wiess Energy Hall of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  A geological specialist of Aramco provides information to increase teachers’ knowledge of STEM-related subjects and provide detailed lesson plans. Students are then taught these STEM lessons throughout the year. Afterwards, each 5th grade class of students visits the museum where they tour the Wiess Energy Hall and participate in hands-on learning activities related to the energy industry and geosciences careers.

Here’s what a teacher said of the experience iExplore provides for students:
Aramco's iExplore Field Trip was great for our students because it stimulated our kid’s interest in fossil fuels and gave them a glimpse into future possible career choices.  It also gave our students a real world connection to the TEKS/skills they are learning in the classroom every day.

Mr. Giacona, Cimarron Elementary
Science Instructional Coach

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