In February of each year our middle school science students have the opportunity to participate in campus science fairs.  In March of each year the top participants from each campus participate in the district Science Fair.  2016-2017 was the 3rd Annual District Science Fair. We had a total of 165 participants.  Students were given the opportunity to investigate and practice experimental design in the areas of chemistry, physics, consumer science, biology, and behavioral science.  Some of the exceptional investigations included topics such as Tango, Delta, Fox trot; Electrolyte Challenge, and PVC Pipe Music.  First, second, and third place winners were selected from grade 6 and combined grades 7 and 8.  It ends with a district Science Fair Award Ceremony with many parents and community members in attendance.  Trophies were given to all science fair winners and certificates to all participants.  Our hope is to promote scientific thinking and the integration of math, science and technology.