Park Independent School District
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Craig Eichhorn w Director of Communications

April 11, 2007



            Juniors and seniors at Galena Park High School will get a chilling taste of reality on April 24-25 as the campus, in conjunction with law enforcement and emergency services officials from Jacinto City, Galena Park and Houston, will present the Shattered Dreams program.
            The program, which is organized and presented across the state by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to remind all about the dangers of drinking and driving.
            Shattered Dreams will begin at 8:45 a.m. with a staged alcohol-related automobile accident on Keene Street in front of the high school in which student volunteers play the roles of drivers of the cars as well as accident victims. Following the crash an announcement will be made over the school’s public address system informing all students of a serious accident in front of the campus. Law enforcement and EMS personnel will arrive on the scene to assist the injured in the crash. Some students will even be transported via ambulance to Ben Taub Hospital while those students playing the role of the deceased will be transported via a funeral coach.
            The Grim Reaper will pull students out of class every 15 minutes throughout the day. Someone in Texas is killed or injured every 15 minutes as a result of drunk driving.
            Another group of students will depart the school in the afternoon to spend the night at Ben Taub Hospital to witness first-hand the dangers of drunk driving.
            A campus-wide assembly will be held on April 25 that will allow all students to hear accounts from those who spent the night at the hospital, members of law enforcement and emergency services as well as information from TABC and hospital officials.
            The Shattered Dreams program is being presented at an important time in students’ lives as the Galena Park High School Prom is April 27.