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December, 2003



Education Foundation grant recipients

The Education Foundation prize patrol proudly distributed $37,029.95 in innovative classroom grants to fund 12 different programs for GPISD students. Congratulations!

“Building and Flying Radio-Controlled Model Airplanes”
Colonel Tom McKay – NSHS

“Surviving My First Job”
Anna Dibello – NSHS

“To Click or Not to Click”
Chris Beech, Wendy Jones, Tina Harris – NSHS

“You are There”
Rebekka Gabino, Wendy Jones, Jason Nyakken – NSHS

“Star Club – Success Through Additional Reading”
Lesley Nickelson, Michelle Coley, Kathy Evans, Patty Gilmore, Tracy Zarr – NSE

“Environmental Science Partnership”
Tam Nguyen, Emma Merquita, Janelle Harris, Gemma Calvo – NSMS
Joe Birchum – WAMS

“Gatorcizing Our Way to Good Health and Wellness”
Connie Conroy, Michelle Bonton, Betsy Curl – GVE

“Colt Rhythm League”
James Johnson, Brenda Charles, Lindy Robertson, Coretta Conany – CIM

“Phonics is Phun and Reading is Phundamental”
Purple Sage Elementary

“Leaping from Home to School”
Consuelo Yamaguchi, Felicitas Leal, Maria Castro, Veronica Martinez – WAES

“After School Music Program”
Jueretta D. Berry – JCE

“U.S. Robotic Contest”
David Scarcella, Parker Wilson, Rory Fox, Greg Ustinoff, Barbara Kistner – GPHS