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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

February 11, 2005



Academic Excellence Indicator System 

1. What are the AEIS results and what do they tell the district?
The annual report provides the following to school districts:

  • Student performance (including, but not limited to TAKS, SAT, ACT, AP)
  • State accountability rating
  • Financial components
  • Student demographics and teacher demographics
2. Based on the results what does the district feel needs improving?
Galena Park ISD will use the report to guide decisions about student performance, instruction and curriculum alignment. The number of students taking SAT and ACT and science performance are areas we will be focusing on.

3. What steps or process will the district take to make any necessary improvements?
The district will use the report in their planning for increased student performance.

4. What kind of change has the AEIS information brought in the past?
The AEIS information has been used as a guide to help update and create programs and services needed to ensure all students succeed.

5. Science seemed low. What will be done to change this?
The science program will continue its effort to provide laboratory and investigative science aligned to TEKS. Highly qualified teachers will continue to teach in the science program.

6. How does the district feel about the results?
“The AEIS report will be used in setting goals and objectives in implementing and evaluating programs and services,” Dr. Mark Henry, superintendent said. “The AEIS report is not the only good thing going on in GPISD. We have been very successful in extra curricular activities and we want to continue to improve our college entrance exams.”

7. Please explain the SDAA?
The State Developed Alternative Assessment (SDAA) is a test developed for special education students who are in special education receiving instruction at a different grade level.

Other points of interest:

  • A copy of the AEIS public hearing slide presentation will be on the district’s homepage within the next ten days.
  • A complete set of reports may be found at each campus library as well as the local three libraries.
  • One may receive a copy of the report from our administration building.