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January 30, 2004



Governor Perry and Education Commissioner Neeley promote education excellence in Galena Park ISD

........ Governor Rick Perry and Education Commissioner Shirley Neeley held a roundtable discussion and press conference at Galena Park High School to promote a series of initiatives that will reward schools that demonstrate high student achievement and student progress.

........ “I believe it is time to usher in a new era of educational excellence that is not based on meeting minimum standards, but instead focuses on maximum achievement,” Perry said. “This proposal will raise the bar of excellence in Texas schools and help to fundamentally shift the focus of our schools from minimum expectations to maximum performance.”

........ Perry’s plan includes $500 million for performance-based initiatives and financial accountability measures that focus on providing financial rewards to a student’s campus based on their performance.

........ “When we tie education dollars to results, we will get more results for our education dollars,” Perry said.

........ For example, the Distinguished Achievement Incentive would reward Texas high schools with at least $1,000 for each graduate who successfully completes the most academically challenging course of study. The school reward would jump to $2,000 for each at-risk student who graduates under this plan.

........ Additional options under Perry’s plan provide incentives for students who master Algebra, for those in the Limited English Proficiency program who pass TAKS, and for teachers who achieve excellence in the classroom.

........ Perry also bragged on the accomplishments of Galena Park ISD. “It is an honor to return to this school district and see that the students, teachers, administrators and community members truly love Dr. Shirley Neeley.”

........ After nearly 30 years in Galena Park ISD, Neeley was appointed as the Education Commissioner for Texas. “It’s leaders like Dr. Neeley who show all of the schools in Texas that ‘yes, we can.’ ” Perry said. “ ‘No we can’t’ is unacceptable under the Perry/Neeley era.”

PRESS CONFERENCE. Surrounded by Galena Park High School students, Governor Rick Perry addressed his proposals for education incentives.


DYNAMIC DUO VISITS GPHS. Governor Rick Perry and Education Commissioner Shirley Neeley at Galena Park High School.