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July 30, 2007


Woodland Acres Middle School teacher takes part in Earthwatch Institute research excursion in Mexico

           Anthony White, an ESL and Outdoor Education teacher at Woodland Acres Middle School, was sponsored by a Lyondell Chemical Company Education Fellowship which enabled him to join an Earthwatch Institute research team on a seven-day trip to take part in the Mexican Megafauna Project
            White joined six other Earthwatch volunteers from across the United States from July 1-7. The research team was led by principal investigator Dr. Oscar Carranza Castañeda from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).  The project studies animals of the late Tertiary period in Central Mexico in order to gain information about prehistoric migration between North and South America, known as the Great American Interchange. With Earthwatch volunteers having collected the first records of South American mammals in North America, this project has revealed new and exciting information to understand the beginning of the Great American Interchange. This research is opening up new questions about migration routes into Arizona, Texas and Florida.    
            He is looking forward to bringing all that he has learned back to his classroom.
“I collected fossil samples from various sites, as well as video and pictures to share with my students,” White said. “I look forward to integrating these things into my curriculum and bringing environmental science alive for my students! I definitely recommend it to other teachers!”                        Earthwatch Institute is a world leader in the field of experiential education providing opportunities in the field and online for volunteers to broaden their understanding of sustainability and support conservation research. There is no experience necessary to be involved and hundreds of teams worldwide that need support. Visit or call 800-776-0188 for more information.

Earthwatch Institute