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March, 2004



SPRING SCHOLARSHIPS. Twelve athletes at North Shore Senior High received scholarships to various colleges and universities across the country. First row from left, Jonathan Gutierrez, University of Texas; Greg Arroyo, Galveston College; Nick Homan, San Jacinto College; Jared Hassel, Angelina College; Bryan Pounds, University of Houston; Marlon Ward, Oklahoma Christian; and Chris Hinton, Benedict College in Kansas. Dawn Gutierrez, volleyball coach; Angela Boner, Central Christian College; Rachael Foster, Texas A&M; Tiffany Sloan, University of South Florida; Desarie Walwyn, Rice University; Traci Bessard, North Carolina A&T; Michael Purvis, head gold coach; Mark McClain, head baseball coach; Adam Callahan, head track coach; Mark?? Patton, assistant basketball coach; Joe Price, head basketball coach; and Daniel Carr, assistant basketball coach.