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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

May 3, 2003


Incumbents re-elected to GPISD school board

Election results are in for the Galena Park ISD school board election. Incumbent Wayne Oquin defeated Wanda Heath Johnson for position 2. Oquin received 1,060 votes to Johnson’s 628 votes.

Oquin grew up in this community, graduated from North Shore High School, and was elected to the school board in 1996. “I think the outcome is a clear statement that the people in this community recognize that the district is doing a good job of educating our children.”

Over the years, Oquin has volunteered in the Galena Park and North Shore communities and currently works as the president of the North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce. He is married to Lisa Oquin and has three children. Their two sons also graduated from GPISD schools and their daughter attends the Cobb 6th Grade campus.

Oquin describes himself as a public servant, “I’m a volunteer in support of public education. I give my time for kids, parents, taxpayers, teachers and district employees. During the election I’ve asked myself, do they still want me, and tonight they said yes.”

C.C. “Buddy” Wilson was also re-elected to the GPISD school board with 1,163 votes. He ran unopposed for position 1. A veteran who has served on the school board for seven years, Wilson said he takes great pride in GPISD, but gives credit to the district’s employees. “I am supportive and encourage the work by our teachers, staff members and administrators. They are dedicated professionals. Nothing could be more rewarding than to work with them while serving the children of this community.”

Wilson is a mechanical engineer for Albemarle where he is a manager of engineering and maintenance. Wilson and his wife, Jan, have lived in the Galena Park Independent School District for 27 years. Their three children are GPISD graduates.

“With the exemplary year we’ve had in GPISD, I was hoping we wouldn’t have the need for an election as our neighbors in other surrounding school districts,” Dr. Shirley Neeley, superintendent of schools, said. “However, since we did have an election, I am glad it is over. I am extremely happy that our incumbents were re-elected. This board is an excellent team of eight and I am eager to continue the work we’ve started this year.”

According to Staci Stanfield, director of communications, this was the first year GPISD used eSlate – an electronic ballot system. The eSlate allows votes to be cast and counted electronically. “The new system is more efficient, it is faster and there’s less room for error.”

There was a minor error recording eight votes in one machine at Jacinto City Elementary. Those eight votes were recorded and added to the overall election total. “The error did not have an impact on the totals or the election,” Stanfield said. “Despite the error the e-Slate system made this a well organized and smooth election.”

Galena Park ISD educates some 20,000 students, employs over 2,500 people and is the largest Exemplary district in Texas.

GPISD INCUMBENTS RE-ELECTED. From left, Wayne Oquin, position 2, and C.C. “Buddy” Wilson, position 1, were re-elected to the Galena Park ISD school board.