Park Independent School District
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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

November 10, 2003



Bond Update

NEW FINE ARTS CENTER. Construction continued on a new 18,000 square foot fine arts center at Galena Park High School. This new facility is located on the south side of the campus and will house a band hall with support practice rooms, choir rooms, and drama rooms.

NEW TRACKS. New four lane tracks will be installed at Cunningham, Galena Park, and Woodland Acres Middle Schools.

NEW EDUCATION CENTER. Crews continue work on a new two-story Arthur C. Lilly Education Center. The new facility will be linked to Galena Park High via a catwalk that will be constructed over 11 th Street. This 26,000 square foot facility will include additional classrooms, computer and science labs.

GPISD GOES HI-TECH. Technology upgrades were an essential component to the bond program. New computers and hi-tech wiring have been installed at all 24 schools to enhance academic achievement.