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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

November, 2004



Going to and from school safely


Everyday millions of children take to the streets and roadways to get to and from school. They walk, ride their bicycles, take busses and arrive in automobiles with one purpose – getting to and from school safely. Every year, Galena Park ISD school busses travel nearly 550,000 miles to transport over 4,500 students each year. As educators are partners with parents to ensure that their children arrive to school safely. The tips noted below will help you prepare our students for a safer journey.

Talk to students about always walking or riding a bike with a friend. It is safer and more fun. Students should walk and ride in well-lit areas, and never take shortcuts.

Students should stay with a group while waiting at the bus stop. Remind students that if anyone bothers them while going to or from school, they should get away from that person and tell another trusted adult. If an adult approaches a student for directions, remind them that adults should asked other adults for directions, not children. If someone follows a student, they need to get away as quickly as possible so a trusted adult can help them.

Remind your students that if someone they don’t know or feel comfortable with offers a ride, say NO. Students should never accept a ride from someone unless a parent has told them that it is okay. Children should be taught to never leave school with someone they do not feel comfortable with or know. If someone they are not comfortable with tells them that there is an emergency and they want your child to go with them, the child should always check with a trusted adult.

Students should also tell a trusted adult of they notice someone they do not know hanging around the school.

Be sure to talk with your students to make certain they really know and understand these basic tips on being safe while traveling to and from school.

For more information about school safety and other child-safety topics from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, log onto