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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

November 1, 2004



 HIGH SCHOOL HUMOR. What if your best friend wrote a book about you and revealed all of the details of your life? Find out how a group of friends handle that situation when the North Shore Mustang Players present “The Supporting Cast” by George Furth. Lindy Seale plays Ellen, first book is slated to be released, but first she must get waivers signed by everyone she based a character on her four best friends. It all begins when Ellen invites them out to lunch where the book is revealed. The comedy continues as they read what Ellen really thinks of them. One loves it. Two hate it, and the other tries to kill her. The show dates are November 12 & 13 at 7 pm in the North Shore Senior High Auditorium located at 353 North Castlegory. Tickets are $3 and available from any cast member. For more information and ticket reservations, contact Matthew Robinson at 281 459 4494, extension 3876. First row, Seale. Second row, Marcella Rodriguez, Mae; Chris Cantu, Arnold; Leandra Taylor, Florrie; and Amber Price, Sally.