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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

October 7, 2002


GPISD student advisory board meets administrators

     Eighteen students from three high schools make up the GPISD student advisory board. Chaired by Dr. Shirley Neeley, superintendent of schools, the advisory board was established seven years ago to allow students an opportunity to voice concerns about issues taking place on campus.
     “I’m here to listen to our high school students,” Neeley said. “They need to know they have a say in their education.”
     Each student is selected by their principal and is considered to be a leader among their peers. A variety of topics are open for discussion including dress code, security and scheduling.
     Alisha Jiwani, senior, North Shore Senior High School, is serving a second term and says this is an opportunity to make suggestions. “This is a excellent chance to talk about concerns that students talk about at school. It’s good to know our administrators are willing to listen to us.”
     Robert Flores, sophomore, North Shore High, takes his commitment seriously. “I’m representing our entire student body. That means every student at my school has a voice.”
     The student advisory board will meet with Neeley on four occasions through out the school year. Until their next meeting, these students will be taking notes and listening to their classmates for ideas and suggestions that could improve their schools.
     “It feels good to know that we are being heard,” Albert Seydler, sophomore, Galena Park High
said. “As students, our opinions really do count.”

MEET THE GPISD STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD. First row from left, Cynthia Jones, senior, GPHS; Deanna Buck, junior, GPHS; Amicha Williams, freshman NSHS; Jessica Limon, freshman, GPHS; Catherine Hernandez, sophomore, GPHS; and Corinna Tristan, senior, GPHS. Second row, Alisha Jiwani, senior, NSSH; Trey Roark, freshman, NSHS; Walter Sosa, junior, GPHS; Kayleigh Eaves, junior, NSSH; Amanda Bice, senior, NSSH; Elizabeth Harris, junior, NSSH; Paul Foster, senior, NSSH; and Dr. Shirley Neeley. Third row, Jessica Guzman, sophomore, NSHS; Robert Flores, sophomore, NSHS; Coleman Philley, senior, GPHS; and Albert Seydler, sophomore, GPHS.