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Craig Eichhorn w Director of Communications

October 2, 2006



            North Shore Middle School students are already getting a taste of what their high school years will be like as several staff members have transformed classrooms and/or hallways into display areas for high school diplomas.
            “Destination Graduation” is the focus of Galena Park ISD for the 2006-2007 school year and the goal of the program is to encourage all students, even those as young as elementary students, to begin thinking about making graduating from high school their top priority.
            Carrie McCaffery, a seventh grade social studies teacher at North Shore Middle School, is among several teachers at the school that take preparing for high school graduation and beyond very seriously. McCaffery created a high school diploma for each one of her seventh-grade students and hung them in the hallway outside of her classroom. Students pass by the diplomas – which read North Shore Senior High School Class of 2012 – on their way to and from class.
            “It’s never too early to begin thinking about graduating from high school and the hard work and effort it will take to earn those diplomas. The students are still just as excited to see their names on the diplomas as they were the first day I hung them up.”
            While every classroom does not create a diploma for the current group of seventh graders – the high school graduating class of 2012, or eighth graders – who are part of the high school graduating class of 2011, all are reinforcing the district focus in some way.
            Jaren Bollinger took her diploma from the University of Texas down from the wall and passed it around to each of her students in eighth grade math and then asked each student to name which college he or she wanted to attend. She also reinforced the district focus, telling the students how important obtaining a high school diploma is to their future.
            Molly Midkiff, eighth grade American history teacher, passed around her high school diploma from Dobie High School and also created diplomas for her students for the North Shore Senior High School Class of 2011.
            Nadia Treviño, who teaches English as a Second Language, has a large poster outside of her room that she calls student attention to daily. The poster, written in Spanish, says “It’s never too early to begin thinking about University.”

Having fun in front of their diplomas from the Class of 2012 are seventh-grade students (l-r): Daniel Lively, Elizabeth Carmona, Tiffany Carriker, Magdiel Hernandez and Jocoby Goodman.

Proudly displaying their diplomas in American History class are (l-r): Marcel Johnson, Iret Briseno, Martha Reyes, Molly Midkiff, Camri Dickson and Amber Liska.

Nadia Treviño is shown with students (l-r):  Guadalupe Lopez, Maritzel Figueroa, Fairon Menjivar, Hector Zamora, Diana Leyva and Milton Quijano.