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October 10, 2003




GPISD teacher awarded $25,000 Milken National Educator Award


........During a surprise assembly, Billie Briggs – a teacher at Cobb Sixth Grade Campus – was named the recipient of the Milken Family Foundation’s National Educator Award.

........“This is a happy day,” Briggs said. “This award is a blessing from above.”

........After a 15-year career with the Houston Housing Authority, Briggs followed her heart, returned to college and pursued a life long dream of becoming a teacher. Despite the fact that Briggs began her teaching career later in life, she is considered a top-rated math teacher. She joined GPISD and after eight years in the classroom, her “motherly” charm still wins over the toughest students and commands respect from colleagues and administrations.

........The announcement came as a surprise to the entire Cobb Sixth Grade Campus. “I was told we were gathering for a math assembly so this is a complete shock,” Briggs said.

........Selected for her passion for students, her outstanding leadership skills and exceptional teaching strategies make learning fun and educational.

........Lowell Milken, chairman and co-found of the Milken Family Foundation, said Briggs personifies everything one might want in an outstanding teacher.

........“Billie Briggs believes that all children can learn. She is energetic, extremely patient and is a true leader at her school.”

........The award carries with it a $25,000 prize that Briggs will receive at the Milken Family Foundation National Education Conference and professional development training in Washington D.C. in May. This financial reward will ease Briggs’ student loans and help pay for a vacation next summer.

........Briggs is one of four Texas educators who will receive this award this year. Nationally, 100 unsuspecting educators in 47 states will be presented this prestigious award. Briggs is now part of the Milken Educator Network, which comprises more than 2,000 of the nation’s most outstanding educators since the inception of the program 17 years ago.

MAGNIFICENT MILKEN WINNER. Melvin and Billy Briggs joined Elizabeth Lalor, principal, Cobb 6 th Grade Campus, for the surprise announcement.

 SHOCK AND SURPRISE. Billie Briggs could not get out of her seat when her name was announced as the award recipient.