Park Independent School District
14705 Woodforest Blvd. w Houston, Texas 77015 w (281) 850-0076
Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

October 1, 2005



Key Communicators 2005-2006

KEY COMMUNICATORS.  Key Communicators have been designated at each campus and various departments to provide information about newsworthy events to the communications department.  Be sure to inform your Key Communicator about the following: recent marriages, birth announcements, condolences and awards and accomplishments.  First row from left, Susanna Brooks, TICE; Stephanie Hatten, NCE; Stacey Smith, WAMS; Carrie Candelari, FES; Tina Morris, HAV; Barbara Hamilton, COBB; and Michelle Garcia, NSSH.  Back row, Linda Arrington, grounds; Kathy Evans, NSE; Cindy Joseph, CFS; Joanne Garza, NSM; Ruthann Pechulis, WAES; Christina Lincheck, PSE; Mechelle Epps, NSHS; Lee Ramirez, ACE; Betsy Curl, GVE; Iliana Vela, GPMS; and Betty Speaks, MAC.  Not photographed: Carrie Benavidez, CIM; Debra Rogers, CLO; Jepsey Kimble, GPE; Jueretta Berry, JCE; Angie Cuellar, PYB; Sandra Salge, CMS; Dea Haynie, GPHS; Martha Derbonne, maintenance; Carlene Bates, transportation; Jerry Bachman, custodial; Eli Ovalle, Becker Early Childhood; and Alma Gonzalez, PEP.