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Craig Eichhorn w Director of Communications

September 14, 2006



       When Woodland Acres teacher Anthony White implemented a lesson on recycling for his students last school year in the New Arrival Center (NAC) at Woodland Acres Middle School, he had no idea how widespread his idea would become.
       As students became more excited about the lesson and the recycling program that developed from it, they shared information with classmates and friends and soon the entire school was taking part in the project. The system has now involved into an orderly process in which students recycle milk cartons, plastic bottles and aluminum cans without being prompted by a teacher or campus administrator.
       “The students are amazing. Once they learned how much garbage is dumped into landfills and became more aware of what they can do to help the environment they really became interested in recycling,” White said.
        Students were already accustomed to recycling newspaper and office paper in the Paper Retriever recycling bin on the campus.
       To assist White with the project, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company has donated 10 plastic container bins for recycling.
       “Recycling is a very important part of our daily operation,” said Paul Detmore from the Community Affairs/Business Development of Coca-Cola. “We recycle as much as we possibly can, including the water we use to clean the plastic cases that are used to hold our products. Approximately 80 percent of our plastic, aluminum and cardboard that we used to package our products is from recycled products.”
       White says now that the program is off to such a good start that he will involve math classes as he begins the process of gathering data on the amount of materials that are recycled. He would also like the science classes to integrate lessons on how recycling affects the environment and he would like students at adjacent Woodland Acres Elementary School to become more involved in the project.

WAMS Recyclling

Woodland Acres Middle School students are joined by their teacher, Anthony White, and representatives from Coca-Cola as they demonstrate the recycling efforts at their schools. Students (l-r) are: Aldo Mota, Portia Salako, Leonardo Vasquez (red shirt in the back row holding water bottle), Leslie Perez (placing bottle in bin), Jasmyn Valles, Eduardo Galindo (back row holding milk container), and Dalia Frausto. Adults (l-r) are: Anthony White, teacher; Harold Leonard, Coca-Cola; Yolanda Colquitt, Coca-Cola; Paul Detmore, Coca-Cola; and Lawrence McKenney, Coca-Cola.