Park Independent School District
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Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

September 22, 2003


Free PPCD screenings

......If your child is three to five years of age and is experiencing delays in the areas of speech and language, or has a diagnosed physical condition that involves vision, hearing, or motor impairments, your child may be eligible for Galena Park ISD’s preschool programs for children with disabilities (PPCD).
......PPCD is a half-day language based program designed to meet the individual needs of children who meet eligibility requirements. The PPCD curriculum consists of communication development, self-help skills, gross and fine motor development, cognitive learning, and socialization skills.
......The PPCD classes are located at Jacinto City, Pyburn, Cloverleaf, Green Valley, Tice, Havard and Cimarron, North Shore and Normandy Crossing Elementary Schools. The Galena Park ISD special education department offers PPCD screenings throughout the year. The screening and the PPCD programs are free.
......If you would like more information or would like to request a screening appointment for your child, please call (832) 386-1069.