Park Independent School District
14705 Woodforest Blvd. w Houston, Texas 77015 w (281) 850-0076
Staci Stanfield w Director of Communications

September, 2004



SUPERINTENDENT’S ADVISORS. The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of student representatives from three high school campuses. Established nine years ago, SAB gives students the opportunity to voice concerns to the superintendent about issues taking place at school. First row from left, Estrella Ramirez, sophomore, NSHS; Hilda Flores, junior, NSSH; Jessica Guzman, senior, NSSH; Brittany Smith, freshman, NSHS; Amicha Williams, junior, NSSH; and Cathy Hernandez, senior, GPHS. Second row, Stephanie Lozano, sophomore, GPHS; Katie Reche, sophomore, GPHS; Braylon Gurnell, sophomore, NSHS; Dr. Mark Henry, superintendent; Alejandro Bazaldua, freshman, NSHS; Albert Seydler, senior, GPHS; Robert Flores, senior, NSSH. Not photographed, Lattiffia Randle, junior, GPHS; Jessica Limon, junior, GPHS; Victor Broussard, freshman, GPHS; and Lester Bush, freshman, GPHS.