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January 15, 2008
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CenterPoint Energy awards $38,473.53 to Galena Park ISD

             CenterPoint Energy awarded Galena Park ISD $38,473.53 during the Jan. 14 Board of Trustees meeting for the district’s energy efficiency projects implemented in 2008 through the Schools Conserving Resources (SCORE) Program.
            The SCORE Program is a pilot program offered by CenterPoint Energy to select school districts. This program helps the district by facilitating a focused approach to using energy more efficiently. In order to earn SCORE incentives from CenterPoint, the program involved administrators at all levels in the decision making process, from energy management and maintenance up to finance and the superintendent’s office. CLEAResult Consulting is implementing the program for CenterPoint Energy.
            “The financial incentives offered through SCORE have helped the district to take its energy efficiency initiatives to a higher level.  While this check is certainly appreciated, the money we will save on our future utility bills will be even more valuable to the district and our taxpayers.” said I.A. “Abby” Awdi, assistant director of maintenance/energy manager for Galena Park ISD.
            Based on the district’s total kilowatt hour savings the total greenhouse reduction is 150 metric tons of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to: 33 passenger cars not driven for one year; 17,108 gallons of gasoline; 349 barrels of oil; and 3,852 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.
            Galena Park ISD joined the SCORE Program April 2007 and immediately increased its efforts to identify and implement energy saving measures. With assistance provided through the SCORE Program, Galena Park ISD identified the facilities with the most energy-saving potential. The district also developed a master plan so that the best approach toward reducing the district’s energy bills could be taken.
            CenterPoint Energy pays incentives at $185 per peak kilowatt of energy saved. The Public Utility Commission of Texas provides the mechanism for calculating energy savings achieved. The district is awarded an incentive check when projects are finished and the new equipment is inspected.
            “CenterPoint is working to encourage and help our communities conserve energy. We are excited to make Galena Park ISD a part of our efforts,” said Gary Shadwell, SCORE Program Manager for CenterPoint Energy.
Awdi added that the savings would not have been possible without the support of Dr. Mark Henry, superintendent of schools; David Hopkins, deputy superintendent of operations; Randy Burchfield, executive director of school operations; Bob Campbell, director of maintenance and Emory Ellis, building supervisor.
            “It was a team effort from top to bottom. We all worked together to accomplish these goals,” Awdi said.

CenterPoint Energy Award

                      Shown (l-r) at the Jan. 14 Board of Trustees meeting are: Bob Campbell; Dr. Mark Henry; David Hopkins; Dawn Thompson-Fisher, president of the Board of Trustees; Randy Burchfield, I.A. “Abby” Awdi; Gary Shadwell; and Alan Rose, program manager for CLEAResult Consulting.