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May 27, 2008
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Cobb Student selected for Leadership Academy Program

           Coleman Laughlin, a student at Cobb Sixth Grade Campus, has been chosen to participate in Education in Action’s summer 2008 Lone Star Leadership Academy program.
           Selection for the Lone Star Leadership Academy is based on a student’s demonstrated academic success and leadership ability, an educator recommendation and involvement in school/community activities.
           Laughlin will attend a weeklong program in Austin this summer. During the weeklong Lone Star Leadership Academy program selected students join delegations of other distinguished students from across the state to develop leadership skills while learning about the state of Texas. Participants experience what they are learning in school through visits to historically, politically, scientifically and environmentally significant sites including the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, bat watching on the Lone Star Riverboat, a Cowboy Cookout and more. Career speakers will introduce participants to a wide variety of unique career and internship opportunities.
            The Lone Star Leadership Academy provides a unique opportunity for outstanding students to learn about the Spirit of Texas and what it truly means to be from the Lone Star State.  Participants discuss what they learn, complete problem solving and decision-making simulations, exercise creativity and practice presentation skills in Leadership Groups.  In addition, participants have fun meeting other outstanding students from across the state of Texas and making new friends while adding to their resume of academic achievements, developing leadership skills and bringing home a wealth of information to supplement what they are learning in school.
Coleman Laughlin
Cobb principal Julissa Alcantar-Martinez, left, congratulates Coleman Laughlin for being selected
for the 2008 Leadership Academy program.