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July 30, 2010
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Galena Park ISD Earns Academically Acceptable Rating in State Accountability System

        The Texas Education Agency announced today that, even though an impressive 21 of the Galena Park ISD’s 22 campuses earned Exemplary or Recognized ratings in the state’s accountability system, the district received an Academically Acceptable rating in the 2009-2010 accountability system.
        Earning an Exemplary rating were: Cloverleaf Elementary, Galena Park Elementary, Havard Elementary, Jacinto City Elementary, MacArthur Elementary, Purple Sage Elementary, Pyburn Elementary, Sam Houston Elementary, Tice Elementary, Williamson Elementary, Woodland Acres Elementary, Cobb Sixth Grade Campus, Cunningham Middle School, Galena Park Middle School, North Shore Middle School, and Galena Park High School.
        Earning a Recognized rating were: Cimarron Elementary, Green Valley Elementary, North Shore Elementary, Woodland Acres Middle School, and North Shore Senior High School.
        GPISD’s Normandy Crossing Elementary received an Academically Unacceptable rating. This is a result of the allegations of improprieties during the administration of the TAKS test uncovered by district investigators in May. Galena Park ISD is appealing the Academically Acceptable rating that the district received.
        "We are disappointed that the Texas Education Agency decided to penalize GPISD so harshly over the isolated actions of a handful of adults at one elementary school. When the allegations of testing irregularities were brought to our attention we immediately launched a thorough investigation contacted TEA officials," said Dr. Mark Henry, Superintendent of Schools. "We feel that the Texas Education Agency is discounting the hard work done by the almost 22,000 students in this district. Our overall scores are at the Exemplary level. We expect the Texas Education Agency to raise the district rating to at least Recognized after the appeal process."