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May 1, 2009
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Godina Honored at Chamber Luncheon

         Cesar Godina, a first grade teacher at Tice Elementary School, was recognized as the Galena Park ISD Educator of the Month during the May 1 North Channel Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon in the Monument Room of San Jacinto College North.
         Godina was selected for the Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program in February. The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) program began in 1994, when Apple identified key educators from around the globe who were emerging as leaders in the field of educational technology.
         Today this community now consists of over 1,500 educators worldwide who utilize technology to impact how we educate students in elementary school through those in higher education. Mr. Godina will join Apple as an advocate, advisor, author and ambassador during his association with the ADE Program.
         Godina's strong interest in helping children to make the transition from the Spanish language to the English language enabled him to create a literacy program for the iPod. He is currently writing software so children will have creative and educational opportunities, through the use of technology; to acquire the academic English needed to succeed. Godina studied abroad and earned a Masters in Business Administration and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Technology. He developed and adapted technology projects with his class that attracted the attention of Apple, Inc.
         "He is an enthusiastic educator that is passionate about the use of technology in the classroom," said Judy Holbrook, principal at Tice.

Cesar Godina Honored
Cesar Godina, middle, is joined, Judy Holbrook, principal at Tice (left),
and Susanna Brooks, assistant principal at Tice.