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Sept. 9, 2010
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Galena Park Shares Presidential Back to School Address

         Galena Park ISD will, for the second year in a row, record the President's Back to School address on Tuesday, Sept. 14; however, campuses will make their own decisions as to the best time to view the speech in their classrooms. Parents who do not want their child to view the speech or participate in related activities may complete the attached opt out form and return it to their child's school no later than Monday, Sept. 13

         It has become somewhat of a tradition for presidents to address students as former President George H.W. Bush spoke to students across the nation in 1991 and former President Clinton did in a "Webside" chat in 2001. In addition, former President Reagan spoke to the nation's students during a nationally broadcast question and answer session in 1986.

         Classrooms across the district will follow the President's address with district developed activities and materials that align with Galena Park ISD's curriculum. Students with opt-out forms on file will participate in alternative activities, and their grades will not be penalized.

         The President's Back to School speech will be available for patrons to view online. Information on how to view the address is expected to be posted soon at

Opt Out Request Form in English Download

Opt Out Request Form in Spanish Download