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April 27, 2011
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"Money Smart Kid"

         On Monday, April 4, 2011, many North Shore Middle School students were at school, attending their regular classes. However, Howard T. Grant, a 7th grade student at North Shore Middle School, was at a banquet at the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank accepting his scholarship award. Before spring break, Howard entered a 500 word "Money Smart Kid Essay" contest. A month later, Howard had all but forgotten about the essay and the contest when he received notice that he was one of the two selected winners who would receive a $2500 scholarship. He was also invited to speak at the banquet, where he was joined by his proud parents and grandparents. Howard also chose to invite NSMS principal Paul Drexler, and NSMS English Teacher, Mrs. St Julian, to be his honored guests. When asked about how it felt to speak to 50 greater Houston area business men and women, Howard reflected, "It was amazing getting to speak in front of all those people." The men and women at the banquet were highly impressed with Howard, his essay, and the way in which he "dressed for success." Since the banquet, Howard has been asked to speak at a teen's conference in June. He has also received an invitation to have lunch with an attorney. Howard plans to add his $2500 scholarship to his growing savings account that he previously opened at a local credit union, which is another indicator that Howard T. Grant is a "Money Smart Kid."

NSMS Journalism

Howard T. Grant speaks to Houston area business men and women.