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April 4, 2012
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Team KAOS Takes Awards in Dallas FIRST Regional Robotics Competition

        Galena Park High School's robotics team, Team KAOS, competed at the West Dallas FIRST Regional robotics competition March 29 - 31. Eight students, two mentors, and 4 GE engineers journeyed to the Dallas Convention center to compete with 38 other schools from Texas, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Mexico.

        Team KAOS had 11 qualifying matches in which they were 10-1, earning 4th place. They had the 2nd highest point accumulation of the 39 teams and the 3rd highest points in autonomous. The team was selected to be on the 3rd seed alliance team. In the Elimination rounds, Team KAOS defeated the #6 alliance and then the #2 alliance to advance to the finals. In the final round they were outscored by the #1 seed alliance.

        Along with being Regional Finalists, Team KAOS also earned the Engineering Excellence Award and the Best Web Site award.

        The robot performed flawlessly for the duration of the competition. Not a single mechanical change or repair was required through 18 grueling matches. To enhance and perfect performance, micro adjustments to the programming were the only modifications made.

        "This weekend was a big success for Team KAOS. The experience will propel these students to great opportunities in the future. We are very appreciative to our GE engineers that made the trip with us. Through their guidance the team had a very positive educational experience," said Paul Johnson, Team KAOS sponsor.

Team Kaos Galena Park High School Team KAOS Chairman Presentation Team.

Team KaosThe Team KAOS Driving Team gets ready to roll.

Team KaosTeam KAOS pit crew double checks all systems before the competition.

Team KaosTeam KAOS robot 1429 takes a shot.