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April 7, 2011
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"Salute a Recruit" Ceremony Honors Newly Enlisted Students

         NSSHS JROTC is holding a "Salute a Recruit" ceremony on Friday, April 8 at 11:00 AM in the North Shore Senior High School Auditorium. This event, sponsored by JROTC instructor Dr. Jeanette C. Young-Jackson, Major, USAF, (Ret), honors students who have passed the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and enlisted in one of the branches of the military. This ceremony is for all students, not just JROTC cadets. According to Major Young, getting a high enough score on the ASVAB to enter the military is reason enough for celebration. "This test is tough," she said. With the "Salute a Recruit" ceremony, Major Young accomplishes one of her main goals- to promote patriotism throughout the student body. A quick tour of the school's hallways and classrooms show that it's working; one doesn't have to travel far to find students proudly wearing military fatigues. Major Young also wants to recognize students who are making career choices early, instead of waiting until the last minute. Sgt. Andrew Beesley (Ret), a Purple Heart recipient, and a former JROTC student at North Shore Senior High School, will be deliver an inspirational message to these new recruits.

Salute a RecruitThirteen recruits will be honored in Friday's "Salute a Recruit" ceremony. Pictured: Jonuel Duran - Navy (L) and Latracia Spicer - Army (R). (photo courtesy of Sasha Perez and Cheyenne Stroble)