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February 25, 2011
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"In-Vince-able" Young Scores Touchdown with Students

          "In-VINCE-able" Vince Young visited Galena Park ISD's North Shore Elementary School on February 25, 2011. Considered one of the NFL's most vigorous offensive weapons, with his robust throwing arm and commanding athleticism, it's no wonder Vince Young's fans nicknamed this football icon "In-VINCE-able."

          Instead of boasting about his 6'5" frame and his many athletic accomplishments, the NFL quarterback shared a message of encouragement while maintaining a laser-like focus on achievement. Young talked candidly with the students for a solid half hour, detailing how critical education was to his success as an athlete. Vince emphasized the importance of staying active in school, making good grades, and passing the TAKS test.

          Mr. Young finished his motivational speech to cheers of adulation. He then focused on the students and allowed them to ask ten questions. The students stood proud as they one by one challenged the successful athlete with their examination. "How tall are you?" and "What is it like living in a mansion?" were some of the students intriguing inquiries. The gridiron giant laughed with sheer delight and chuckled with humility at the students probing personal questions. Mr. Young was very positive in his answers, twisting the focus back to his education and athletic training.

          Young started to wind down the visit, reminding the children again about the importance of their education, and offered a final chance to show their skills at listening. He invited students from the audience up to the microphone to name one thing they learned from his visit. Smiles covered the students' faces as they stood next to the superstar quarterback and proudly repeated the words he had just shared with them. It was a super visit from a man who really gives back to the community he hails from. It was evident to all in attendance that Vince Young has a soft spot for children, and they clearly adore him!

Gene Green

North Shore Elementary 5th Grader Adriann Uvalle demonstrates her focus on the motivational words of NFL quarterback and local football legend Vince Young.

Gene Green

North Shore Elementary Student Kirsten Williams (center) asks Vince Young a question as fellow 3rd graders enjoy the attention of an NFL superstar.

Vince Young

Vince Young signs a GPISD employee's University of Texas jersey.