The mission of the Galena Park ISD Special Education Department is to provide students with special needs a nurturing environment that provides valuable educational experiences designed to meet their unique needs.  This mission will be accomplished through developing a unified, collective vision for learning through the collaboration of parent, school personnel, and community members.


  • All students can learn
  • In high expectations
  • In the value of respect and diversity
  • Positive reinforcement and encouragement nurture self-confidence
  • In educating students in the least restrictive environment


Special Education Department Contacts


Executive Director for Federal Programs and Compliance

Amy Cole

Nelia Garcia 832-386-1028


Federal Programs Assistant

Michael Immel 832-386-1072


Director of Special Education - Curriculum & Instruction

Tammy Kennedy Takeda

Sonia Sandoval 832-386-1069


Director of Special Education - Psychological Services

Andrea (Andy) Sellers

Maria E. Martinez 832-386-1080


Director of Special Education - Assessment and Compliance

T.K. Dunbar

Florinda Renteria 832-386-1182


Coordinator of Special Education - Support Services and Compliance

Eric Kirchner 832-386-1026


Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Supervisor

Amy Sterling 832-386-1156


Special Education Instructional Specialist - Elementary

Jackie Fournier 832-386-1397


Special Education Instructional Specialist - Middle School

Allison Bowers 832-386-1398


Special Education Instructional Specialist - High School

Christina Sampson 832-386-1368


Special Education Instructional Specialist - Elementary Life Skills

Jennifer Boudreau 832-386-1369


Special Education Instructional Specialist - Secondary Life Skills

Christy Poe 832-386-1399


Special Education Instructional Specialist - Structured Learning and FOCUS(Autism)

Blair Overman 832-386-3569


Special Education Instructional Specialist - PPCD

Stephani Garza


District Behavior Specialist

Renee Martin 832-386-3640


District Behavior Specialist

Chari Burnett 832-386-1364


Transition Specialist

Anne Eaves 832-386-1186


Program Director of Social Services

Karen Haynes 832-386-1280


Special Education District Records Clerk

Elsa Solano 832-386-1514


Special Education Materials Clerk

Sofia Cantu 832-386-1071


SERS Materials Aide

Maria Serna 832-386-1075



Texas Transition and Employment Guide - English

Texas Transition and Employment Guide - Spanish