General Student Transfer Information
The parent/guardian may request, by petition in writing, the assignment of a student to a campus other than the home campus in the attendance zone in which the student resides. Only one transfer request may be submitted and granted per school year. Parents/guardians must complete and sign a Student Transfer Agreement included in the application process. GPISD offers the following student transfer programs:

NOTE: The Student Transfer period is closed for the 2017-2018 school year.

In approving transfers, the Superintendent or designee shall consider availability of space and instructional staff, the student’s disciplinary history, and attendance/tardy records.

Annually, the district shall approve which campuses will be open or closed for transfers. If a campus becomes designated as a closed campus for transfers, students submitting a renewal application will be allowed to continue at that campus under provisions allowed by this policy.

All transfer students are expected to strictly abide by the District’s policies, rules, and terms outlined in the Student Transfer Agreement and any violation could result in the revocation of a student’s transfer.  Parents of students who enroll on a student transfer are also responsible for transporting their children to and from school. All approved transfers expire at the end of the school year. An annual application is required during the designated application timeline.