Once notification has been received from the funding agency of grant award or rejection, the following steps should be followed:

    Step 1: Inform the Director for Academic Support and Grants upon receipt of grant award or rejection

    Step 2:  Accepting the award
    The Office of Federal Programs will communicate with the funding agency and assist with initial post-award steps including board approval (If applicable), district coordination, etc.

    Step 3: Say thank you!
    It is always important to follow-up with the funder once you hear back about your proposal, even if it wasn’t funded. A well-written note thanking the funder for their time and asking for feedback on what you can do differently can go a long way in getting your second request funded.

    Step 4: Share your progress with us!
    Send photos or videos to communications@galenaparkisd.com and invite us to stop by your classroom to visit you in action