Dr. Moore's Expectations & Success Plan

  • Treat others BETTER than you treat yourself.

    Model kindness, compassion, a strong work ethic, acceptance, and forgiveness.

    Build positive relationships with students, staff, parents, community members and colleagues.

    Work collaboratively for positive growth and change.

    Embrace 21st Century students and learning.

    Ensure EVERY child is given the opportunity to ACHIEVE across multiple disciplines and activities.

    Excellence is the ONLY OPTION, and excuses are not welcomed!




    Be there!
    • Staff development days are scheduled work days. If circumstances arise where you will not be able to attend, call your campus principal or immediate supervisor prior to the beginning of your required session(s) for the day. 

    Be punctual!
    • It is crucial that all attendees and presenters be on time. This includes starting time, returning from scheduled breaks and lunch, etc. Be a positive participant!

    • As we all know, it is difficult to present to our peers. It is important that all staff members conduct themselves professionally during all sessions. Should you have suggestions for improvement, complaints or concerns, you will have an opportunity to express those in each session’s survey. Remember, you are a reflection of your campus at all times! 

    Be comfortable…but professional!
    • Even though staff development days are more relaxed than days with students, it is imperative that we remember we are still representatives of GPISD. While we want you to be comfortable, please remember business casual is the best rule of thumb, especially when in doubt. Types of business casual attire include but are not limited to: slacks, capris below the knee and school spirit shirts. Non examples would include: flip flops, shorts or tight fitting/worn jeans.

    Be accountable!
    • Staff development sessions have a specific purpose. In order for us to stay abreast of changes in public education and grow as professionals, it is important that we not only attend these sessions for credit but for the growth of our students! Apply what you learn.
    All attendees will be required to sign-in and sign out of sessions with a designated facilitator. As a district, we are required, by law, to verify that all credit granted to participants is valid. We, too, are accountable.
    Be happy!

    • Enjoy yourself!! Learning and growing is good for us all!

    Be Safe!
    • Fire lanes are restricted for a purpose. It is our responsibility to ensure everyone is as safe on staff development days as regular school days. Employees who choose to park in restricted and/or prohibited areas WILL be ticketed and/or towed at the owner's expense. There will be adequate parking space available for each staff development day/session. Parking spots closest to the building will naturally be taken by those who arrive first, so please take into account how much time it it will take you to walk from the parking lot (near or far) to your session(s).

    • Remember to ALWAYS take your valuables with you! A simple book bag or bag for graded papers can look appealing to someone looking for valuables. Don't make it easy for them!

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