ACE - Accelerated Center for Education

  • Joyce Zotz Accelerated Center for Education (ACE) is an academic center which strives to develop citizens with the skills, knowledge, and core values to lead and influence their communities. 

    ACE Night School is an extension of the ACE program. It is an optional flexible day program that provides accessible instructional opportunities for students who left school without achieving a high school diploma, as well as students who are in danger of dropping out of school. ACE Night School offers evening classes, flexible scheduling, and tutorials for students needing to retake state assessments. Students from the high schools who may have fallen behind and/or who may desire to pursue a path to early graduation, can sign up for extra high school courses in the evenings for credit.  The goal of ACE Night School is to give students an opportunity to master the essential knowledge and skills of incomplete or failed courses and / or meeting requirements of state accountability to earn a high school diploma. 

    The goals of ACE Night School include: 

    • Provide Texas high school dropouts with a second chance to obtain a high school diploma and become college ready
    • Develop a more flexible mechanism, better prepared to respond to the particular needs of high school dropouts, through which they can attain a high school diploma and become college ready
    • Expand the number of dropout recovery programs operating in the state
    • Increase the number of high school dropouts who earn high school diplomas
    • Increase the number of high school dropouts who become college ready