NSMS Career & Technical Education Course Offerings

  • Touch System Data Entry

    Learn how organizations use technology and people to succeed. Students will use computers to create business documents and improve their keybording skills while earning a 1/2 credit towards high school graduation while in 7th or 8th grade.

     Computer Graphic

  • Principles of Human Services

    Investigate how people help others manage the mental, physical, and emotional demands of everyday life. Through the study of families, nutrition and wellness, and managing personal money, students in 8th grade can earn 1 credit towards their high school graduation.

    Family Graphic

  • Investigating Careers

    Students in 7th or 8th grade will create a foundation for success by researching careers, learning how to obtain a job, and creating documents for employment. Additionally, students will learn about the requirements necessary to graduate from high school with an endorsement. This course is for middle school credit.

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  • Speak to your counselor to learn more.