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    Galena Park ISD is a Character Strong district. Character lessons are available to every teacher at every grade level. We provide daily advisory lessons for all middle school students. Character building is a priority in this district. Every campus has a Character Education Coordinator to ensure character traits are being taught daily. Student-led character videos are produced monthly.

Character Education

  • The State Board of Education (Sboe) Adopts New §§120.1, 120.3, 120.5, 120.7, and 120.9, Concerning Other Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (Teks). the New Sections Are Adopted Without Changes to the Proposed Text As Published in the July 31, 2020 Issue of the Texas Register (45 Texreg 5293) and Will Not Be Republished.

    The New Sections Add New Teks for Positive Character Traits for Kindergarten-grade 12 in Accordance with House Bill (Hb) 1026, 86th Texas Legislature, 2019. Reasoned Justification: in 2019, the 86th Texas Legislature Passed Hb 1026, Requiring the Sboe to Integrate Positive Character Traits into the Essential Knowledge and Skills Adopted for Kindergarten-grade 12, As Appropriate. the Legislation Requires the Sboe to Include the Following Positive Character Education Traits in the Standards: Courage; Trustworthiness, Including Honesty, Reliability, Punctuality, and Loyalty; Integrity; Respect and Courtesy; Responsibility, Including Accountability, Diligence, Perseverance, and Self-control; Fairness, Including Justice and Freedom from Prejudice; Caring, Including Kindness, Empathy, Compassion, Consideration, Patience, Generosity, and Charity; Good Citizenship, Including Patriotism, Concern for the Common Good and the Community, and Respect for Authority and the Law; School Pride; and Gratitude. the Legislation Also Requires School Districts and Open-enrollment Charter Schools to Adopt a Character Education Program That Includes the Required Positive Character Traits.