• The purpose of this page is to provide expectations, guidelines and information for students who will be working in the Galena Park ISD remote learning environment, whether full-time or intermittently, during the 2020- 2021 school year. Applicable district policies have been summarized where appropriate; however, all district policies communicated in the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct will be enforced.

    You can download a copy of the Remote Learning Student Expectations and Guidelines with the links below.


    Students participating in remote learning will be scheduled similarly to students in traditional classrooms. All virtual instruction is facilitated and evaluated by the student's assigned classroom teacher(s). 

    • Galena Park ISD will utilize the Google Classroom platform as the Learning Management System (LMS) for all 3rd-12th grade students.
    • PreKindergarten-2nd and Special Education teachers will use either SeeSaw or Google Classroom as the Learning Management System (LMS).
    • All virtual class sessions with students will be conducted in Google Meet.
    • Students participating in AP and/or Dual Credit classes will be required to work in additional learning management systems applicable to these classes (i.e.- Blackboard, College Board, etc.)

    All student assignments will be submitted digitally to the learning management system of the teacher(s). Photos and/or videos of hands-on and paper assignments can be uploaded into the Google Classroom or SeeSaw platforms.  

    Students should expect to:

    1. Be instructed with the same curriculum presented in the traditional classrooms (same standards and sequence) and have access to the same instructional resources
    2. Be engaged in instructional activities for a minimum of four (4) hours each day
    3. Complete work both online and offline
    4. Complete work both independently and guided by a teacher
    5. Submit all work electronically through the assigned teacher's LMS
    6. Have all assignments evaluated and/or graded
    7. Receive feedback on class work and progress
    8. Attend at least one interactive class session in Google Meet each week for each scheduled subject/course
    9. Engage in instructional conversation with teachers each week
    10. Take the same assessments (tests) as students on campus

    Students should be prepared to participate in activities such as:

    • Virtual, interactive class sessions
    • Viewing recorded class sessions and/or instructional videos
    • Working in an assigned instructional program (i.e.- iStation, STEMscopes, StudySyn, Edgenuity, etc.)
    • Working offline independently (i.e.- reading books, completing projects, etc.)

    Students working remotely are expected to take all campus- and state-required assessments (ex.- semester exams, STAAR/EOC exams). Performance standards on exams are the same for all students regardless of their learning setting.



    Class participation is crucial to the success of any class.  Participation means engaging in each class, completing the assigned tasks, asking questions about the tasks, offering ideas and responding to any discussion.

    Students who are working remotely are not required to participate/engage at the same time as the on-campus students.* While each class will have scheduled sessions, parents and students may determine the most appropriate time each day to complete the activities.  All interactive class sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing.

    *Students enrolled in Dual Credit classes ARE required to attend virtual class sessions at their scheduled time in order to receive attendance credit.

    Attendance will be taken daily for all students, including those participating in remote learning. In order to be marked "present", remote learning students must engage in educational activity by 11:59 pm each day.  Students can meet the requirement for attendance by:

    1. Completing and/or submitting assignments electronically on the teacher's LMS
    2. Participating in a virtual (Google Meet) class session with a teacher
    3. Logging into ClassLink and working on an academic site assigned by a teacher (STEMscopes, iStation, etc.)
    4. Having an academic conversation with a teacher (text, phone call, email, virtual)

    State law requires a student to maintain a 90% or higher attendance rate to receive credit for a course and/or be promoted to the next grade level.


    Remote Learning is available as an instructional delivery method for all Galena Park ISD-enrolled students in grades PreK - 12.  All students, including those wishing to work in the remote learning environment, must complete the Returning Student Verification or New Student Enrollment process prior to participation.

    Remote Learning may be chosen as the instructional delivery method for the full school year or on an intermittent, as needed basis.  However, a transition from remote learning to on-campus (face-to-face) learning may only occur at the beginning of a school year, grading period and/or semester.

    If Galena Park ISD campuses close for face-to-face instruction due to community health concerns or other unsafe circumstances during the school year, ALL students will be required to transition to remote learning for the duration of the closure.



    Students participating in remote learning offered by Galena Park ISD may participate in UIL and/or extracurricular activities IF:

    1. They are enrolled in remote learning options through the school they will represent, AND
    2. They meet all other UIL and/or extracurricular program requirements (i.e.- enrollment requirements, grades, class attendance, practice attendance)

    Students in remote learning environments will be evaluated with the same standards as students on campus, including the calculation of grade-point averages (GPA) and class rankings. All assignments will be checked and evaluated according to the Galena Park ISD grading policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.

    Teachers will provide feedback based on student performance and progress. Parents of students working remotely may select for classroom teachers to contact their child directly for instructional conversations by providing their child's cell phone number during Returning Student Verification or New Student Enrollment.  Teachers are required to use SchoolStatus to document and record all student contact.

    Parents/Guardians will be contacted if students are receiving a failing grade on the progress report or report card, or if the grade drops from passing to failing during the marking period.

    Parents may review grades each week in Skyward.


    Students who participate in remote learning may be required to complete some activities or assessments on campus.  Students will be contacted by administrators and/or teachers if there are any on-campus requirements for their enrolled course(s). Procedures and schedules for on-campus attendance will be provided.

    • Students may be required to complete some assessments at a district facility under the supervision of a test proctor (ex.- semester exams, STAAR/EOC exams)
    • Some courses require specialized equipment, direct supervision of hands-on activities, and/or specific materials and technology which cannot be accessed remotely.

    The GPISD Student Code of Conduct applies to all students regardless of instructional delivery location.  Students who are working remotely will be held to the standards of conduct and behavior outlined in the Galena Park ISD Student Handbook.

    Students working remotely will be expected to:

    • Conduct himself/herself in a safe and responsible way
    • Demonstrate an attitude of respect toward individuals
    • Use appropriate language
    • Be familiar with and comply with the Remote Learning expectations and classroom teacher rules and procedures
    • Attend, be punctual, and be prepared for class sessions
    • Follow teacher’s directions and stay on task during virtual instruction
    • Cooperate with school staff in all matters
    • Maintain an appearance and grooming conducive to learning in virtual class sessions
    • Adhere to the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct

    For the Kinder-5th JOURNEYS program, identified students will be assigned to classes which include other GT students, when possible. The assigned content teacher(s) will be the GT teacher, and they are responsible for providing GT instruction through the everyday curriculum and with a long-term project.  Students will be expected to complete a research project from the state's provided list of projects (www.texaspsp.org), just as they would if we were not learning remotely.  

    For the 4th -9th ENCOUNTERS program, teachers will do many of the same activities that he/she would do with students in the traditional classrooms.  A year-long research project, critical thinking activities, activities designed to promote creativity, technology skills, and college/career readiness will continue to be the focus.

    •  For 4th and 5th grade, students will meet virtually with their Encounters teacher one time per week.  
    •  For the 6th through 9th grade, students will be assigned a class in their regular schedule designated as the Encounters class and meet per district guidelines.  

    The requirement for 6th through 12th grade students to also take advanced courses (PreAP, AP, or Dual Credit) is also still in place.  Students should continue to take the challenging courses that fit their needs in order to prepare for college or a career.



    Special education services will continue as the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) indicates. Students will work with the teachers assigned at their campus in which they are placed.

    •  Students who participate in CO-TEACH SERVICES will be scheduled into appropriate general education classes and receive support as needed from the special education teacher.
    •  Students receiving RESOURCE SERVICES will meet with their teacher a minimumof two times per week. Independent work will be assigned to practice skills taught in these virtual sessions.
    •  Students in SELF-CONTAINED PROGRAMS (SLC, Life Skills, and BTC) will continue to work on their IEP through the assigned teacher. Students will participate in weekly virtual class sessions based on a calendar provided by the teacher.
    •  Students in PASS or FOCUS will participate in weekly social skills lessons in addition to their regularly assigned academic classes.

     Related services and goals will continue to be implemented virtually as appropriate. Any modifications to the IEP will require an IEP meeting and will be scheduled virtually.  


    All Galena Park ISD students, including those participating in the remote learning environment, are eligible for free breakfast and lunch.  Meal distribution information will be sent to all students registered for remote learning.

    If Galena Park ISD campuses close for face-to-face instruction due to community health concerns or other unsafe circumstances during the school year, student meal distribution procedures may be revised. Updated procedures will be communicated at the time of transition to 100% remote learning.


    Students who are working remotely will have the same access to academic and socio-emotional support systems as students on campus.  Each campus will communicate procedures to contact teachers, counselors and administrators.

     Students who need academic assistance with classwork/assignments may:

    • Text or call their teacher through SchoolStatus
    • Call the campus’s Homework Hotline (contact info on campus webpage)
    • Email their teacher

       Students who need guidance or counseling may contact campus counselors directly by:

    • Calling the campus’s main phone number
    • Using the Counselor Contact link on the campus webpage
    • Emailing the counselor

        Students and parents who have questions regarding REMOTE LEARNING may:

    • Call the District’s Remote Learning Hotline (832-386-1300)
    • Call the campus’s main phone number

    Each school will provide tutorial services for students in both remote and face-to-face learning environments. Remote students who are assigned tutorials by the campus will be required to attend virtually. For schedule information, please contact your child’s teacher or campus. Any parent or student may request tutorials from the teacher.

    Parents may request a conference with a teacher by email, through the school or teacher’s webpage, or contacting the campus’s front office.


    Students and parents may email technical support questions to techsupport@galenaparkisd.com or call 832-386-1400.

     The GPISD Technology Department will respond to all request for technical assistance Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. This support is to assist students with accessing and using District resources; the support is not provided as technical support for personal hardware.


    Successful remote learning will require internet access for students.  There are many resources for free or reduced-price internet access.

    Reduced Price Internet for the home

    Galena Park ISD has made the District internet available for remote learners who do not have access in the home. Students may log onto the District Wi-Fi at the following district locations:

    1. Galena Park Middle School (parking lot next to school cafeteria on 3rd Street)
    2. Jacinto City Elementary (parking lot in front of school on Wiggins St)
    3. Woodland Acres Middle School (parking lot next to the gym on Myrtle Ln.)
    4. Cimarron Elementary (parking lot next to cafeteria on Cimarron St.)
    5. Cloverleaf Elementary (parking lot in front of school on Frankie St)
    6. North Shore 9th Grade Center (parking lot next to band hall on Hollypark Dr.)
    7. GPISD Administration Building (parking lot in front of building)
    8. Cunningham Middle School (parking lot in front of main entrance)
    9. Purple Sage Elementary (parking lot near cafeteria)
    10. North Shore Senior High (parking lot near band hall on Mustang Lane)
    11. MacArthur Elementary (parking lot on Parkside Dr.)
    12. Pyburn Elementary (parking lot next to building on Coulson St.)
    13. Sam Houston Elementary (parking lot next to cafeteria)
    14. Green Valley Elementary (front circle drive on Woodforest Blvd.)
    15. North Shore Middle School (front circle drive at main entrance)
    16. Shirley J. Williamson Elementary (small parking lot at the front of building)
    17. North Shore Elementary (drop-off/pick-up lanes in front of main entrance)

     Free WiFi (community locations)

    • Best Buy
    • Buffalo Wild Wings
    • Burger King
    • Chick Fil A
    • Denny’s
    • Galena Park Public Library
    • Jack in the Box
    • KFC
    • Lowes
    • McDonalds
    • North Channel Public Library
    • Panera
    • Quiznos
    • Starbucks
    • Subway
    • Taco Bell
    • Wendy’s