North Shore Elementary's Student Council

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  • Pony Pride Program- (Preparing Our Nation's Youth)


    Purpose:To enhance character traits in students including the traits of dependability, resposibility, accountability, team work and service.


    Overview: Students involve in the PONY Pride program will have the opportunity to apply for a position within the school. Once hired they will also be evaluated by their supervisor according to a high standard of dependability, responsibility, and accountability in performance of quality work.

    LibraryAide: read stories to young students, assist library patrons, check books inand out, shelve books, run errands for the librarians. 

    Teacher Assistant: Various duties, depending on the teacher- Label books, look up book levels, make work cards, clean boards, sort papers, cut out materials, assist students, etc.

    Office Assistant: Help in the office. Duties include sorting mail, delivery copies and lunches to classes, running errands, etc.

    Morning Helpers: Some will greet students at the door to assist walking the smaller students to class. Some will assist in the cafeteria by opening packages for smaller ones and ensuring that the table is ready for the next group of students. Some will help with opening car doors to allow studnets to exit their cars to come into the building.(Adult suoervision will also be present).

    Flag Helpers: Help raise and lower the flags daily.