• Bulldog Legend


    On September 2, 2017, Ms. McGee & Mr. Field came by Purple Sage Elementary to check the damage left by Hurricane Harvey.  They wanted to make sure their school was safe and in tip-top shape to welcome back its students the following week. Upon arrival at PSE, they found the parking lot was under water. As they waded through 12-inch deep water and made their way to the front doors, they noticed the strangest thing.  A gray bulldog puppy was standing guard at the front door as if he was protecting Purple Sage Elementary for the students.


    As Mr. Field opened the front doors, the bulldog pup went running inside.  Ms. McGee & Mr. Field quickly gave chase.  The puppy dashed by the A-Pod and continued to run through the school.  They spotted him briefly as he darted by Ms. Stouts’ room.  Making the corner and heading towards the multi-purpose room, the lightning fast bulldog continued to make his way through Purple Sage.  At that point, Ms. McGee decided maybe we should just let the bulldog stay at PSE.


    Unfortunately, weeks went by and no one has seen the bulldog.  He was last seen running into the PSE multi-purpose room.  Every morning, Ms. McGee and Mr. Field arrive at Purple Sage early, in hopes of spotting their bulldog friend.  They both agree, if this awesome bulldog ever returns to Purple Sage, they will allow him to stay.


    On the morning of September 29, 2017, the beloved bulldog returned to Purple Sage.  As, the entire school was gathered in the multi-purpose room for an assembly.  Suddenly, a loud crash was heard from behind the stage.  Ms. McGee and Mr. Field went to investigate when the speedy bulldog came bursting out to meet the PSE students.  Everyone agreed, the bulldog was here to stay.  He would become the Purple Sage Elementary symbol for pride, leadership, and courage to help guide PSE student to a successful future.


    The following week a school-wide “Name the Bulldog” campaign was held.  The students all came up with a final list of four names.  These four names (Sage, Rocky, Spike, and Buster) were all put on a ballot and the vote was on.  After 537 votes were counted, the winning name the students selected was Buster.  The Purple Sage Elementary Mascot, Buster the Bulldog was born.  GO BULLDOGS!  #PSEstrong