North Shore Middle School Volleyball

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    2019-2020 NSMS Volleyball Expectations of Players

    Dear Parents/Guardian and Athlete,

    The coaching staff and I are looking forward to our upcoming volleyball season. Here are some key points of what is expected throughout the season.

    • Keep your locker and locker room clean/tidy at all times.


    • Athletic shoes must be worn during practice and/or Athletics. Along with the athletic attire that will be provided to your daughter at the beginning of the school year.


    • No jewelry or long fingernails. All hair needs to be pulled back in a ponytail or with a soft stretchable band.


    • Be on time to practice. If you are unable to attend practice please call the Girls’ Coaches Office at 832-386-2630.


    • Take care of the equipment that is issued out to you. Be sure to keep all items locked up.


    • It’s important for the girls to stay on top of their grades.  We encourage the girls to get an 80% above in their classes.  No Pass No Play. The young ladies will be carrying around grade check sheets every week so we can monitor their grades.


    • Report any injuries to a coach immediately.

    If there is a question or concern at any time, please feel free to call the Girls’ Coaches Office at 832-386-2630.  I look forward to a successful volleyball season.

    Coach DuPlaga