Woodland Acres Middle School Volleyball

  • Galena Park Middle
    8th Black Team:
    On All Hallows Eve the Hornets of Woodland Acres tried to put the fear of volleyball into the Jackets of Galena Park. Unfortunately the Hornets suffered a two set fright at the claws of the Jackets. WAMS had a 9 point lead in set one but suffered from miscommunications and second-guessing which ended in a 22-25 first set loss. The second set was controlled early by GPMS but the Hornets fought back from a 10 point deficit to give GP a game, but fell just short losing 21-25. Emily Zamora played well keeping everyone where they belonged and communicating.

    North Shore Middle
    The WAMS volleyball teams competed against North Shore Middle School last Thursday.

    7th Gold Team:
    The Gold team defeated North Shore in two sets, 25-21 and 25-6. The first set began slowly but the young Hornets improved their serving and passing to take control of the set. Tuesday Garcia served off 7 consecutive points in the second set, Camilia Esquivel served off 6 points, and Samantha Garza served off 5 points and earned the second set win. Abigail Esqueda served for the first time this season and scored 4 points.

    8th Black Team:
    The Black team defeated North Shore in two sets, 25-1 and 25-16 giving the Hornets a 4-1 district record. The Hornets played their best match of the season in this two set victory. They played an all-around great match setting up the offense on multiple occasions. The Hornets even battled back from a 0-5 deficit in the second set. Andrea Correas continued to be a force at the service line.

    On Deck:
    The Woodland Acres volleyball program will take on the Jackets of GPMS at Galena Park High School’s competition gymnasium.