• School Visitation Policy


    All visitors to the school must conduct themselves so as not to interfere with the daily operation of the school program. Visitors should not interact with the staff during instruction, should not attempt to interact with students during the observation, and should not cause a distraction or disruption to the educational process. If the visit is deemed a distraction by either the teacher or principal, the visitor will be asked to end the observation.


    Visitors may enter the main office door at 7:00 a.m. daily Monday through Friday during the school year for appointments with teachers. Visitors should sign-in with the front desk staff and wear a visitor’s sticker for the duration of the visit. A teacher or staff member will be called to meet the parent in the office for the appointment. Upon leaving at the conclusion of the meeting, the parent should sign-out in the main office before departing. Conferences will occur only during unstructured time either during a teacher planning period or outside the school day.

    Special meetings that do not fall within these guidelines will have to be determined by the principal and teacher.