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    e-Newsletter | Special Edition | 03.30.20
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    • Gratitude
    • "Bo's Place 2 U" online grief support activities and resources
    • Bo’s Place support remains just a phone call or email away
    • How you can help
    • General updates
    At Bo’s Place we encourage family members to begin the practice of finding “one little thing” each day to be thankful for while they struggle with their pain and grief. Through this intentional process, families are reminded of the people in their lives who provide support and compassion, that death does not break the bond of love, and of the power of gratitude to bring back joy, despite experiencing a great sadness in their lives. Today our staff put into practice what we gently and with compassion encourage our Bo’s Place families to do. We shared things for which we are grateful, despite living in this time of uncertainty and upheaval in our lives. Here are just a few of the things our staff members are grateful for:
    • “All the healthcare workers and first responders caring for all of us – working and serving unselfishly.”
    • “Long walks in the sunshine.”
    • “Zoom gatherings to connect with work colleagues, family and friends.”
    • “Coffee!”
    • “Being part of the Bo’s Place family.”
    • “For the short commute to the living room, and a second cup of coffee.”
    • “That Bo’s Place is finding new, creative ways to support the grieving families in our community while working remotely.”
    • “Soft, fuzzy, grippy socks!”
    • “That I had an extra copy of Grief Day by Day to leave on the doorstep of someone grieving the death of her grandmother last week.”
    • “Reassuring smiles from neighbors, friends, and strangers… knowing we are all in this together.”
    Consider doing this activity with your family at home or your extended work family and friends via social media. Let the simple practice of gratitude lift you up!
    Stay safe and healthy,
    Mary Beth Staine
    Executive Director
    Bo's Place 2 U: online grief support activities and resources
    Bo’s Place has created a library of resources and activities to provide support and comfort to the bereaved while we are not able to offer in person support groups. All resources are in English and Spanish. This portal is called "Bo’s Place 2 U". We will continue to add resources over time, so check back to see what is new. The family section has activities for families to do at home and handouts from our Family Movie nights. The adult section has activities and educational handouts geared to adults. There are also self-care resources for everyone.
    Please explore this portal, take what you need, and share with anyone who might be in need of additional support with their grief: https://bit.ly/BosPlace2U.
    Bo’s Place support remains just a phone call or email away
    Bo’s Place mental health professionals are responding to all inquiries to the Information & Referral Line during regular business hours: Monday – Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm and Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm. This resource is for those who have experienced a death, as well as for family, friends, co-workers and other concerned individuals who want guidance on how to support the bereaved. You can reach the Information & Referral Line by:
    How you can help
    There has never been a greater need for support for the bereaved in our community. Many of you have asked how you can help during this challenging time. Simply put: a financial gift of any amount will help sustain us through these tough times. Your gift will ensure that, when this is all over, bereaved children, families, and adults who have experienced the death of a loved one will still have a place to come for support and healing, and that place is Bo’s Place.
    General updates
    Our staff is working remotely and responding to emails and voicemails during regular business hours.
    All in person support groups, events, trainings, workshops, and programs are cancelled until further notice. Bo’s Place will continue to follow the direction of our federal, state and local authorities as to when group gatherings are no longer restricted due to health concerns.
    Bo’s Place staff will be adding resource to the Bo’s Place 2 U portal and is exploring ways to provide direct support to the bereaved and our community utilizing technology.
    Please follow our Facebook and Instagram social media pages to be current on any updates. Be well, friends.