• MISSION STATEMENT: LOTC seeks to build "Strong Leaders or Followers" who will become Productive Citizens for our Nation's Future.

    GENERAL INFORMATION:  LOTC is a class that teaches Leadership and Citizenship. Our class has a military format and rules that we follow, but it is not connected to the Military and does not require any compulsory service. Our students are given a Cadet Uniform that they are required to wear one day a week for a grade.  The uniform is provided to the students at no cost but must be returned at the end of the year.  Other subjects that LOTC Cadets study are Marching and Drills, Map Reading, American Hero's, How to become a Citizen, Patriotism, History of the American Flag and the National Anthem. Our students perform at GPISD Board Meetings, March in local parades, Compete at LOTC Drill meets (according to UIL Rules) and earn Rank, Awards and Ribbons.

    MAIN EVENTS FOR THE YEAR: North Shore Homecoming Parade, Veteran's Day Parade, Drill Meets, End of Year Awards Performance and Ceremony.