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Our society's future leaders, innovators, citizens and protectors are our children, and they are given their best chance to succeed when their community unites as a powerful and effective voice for all children. Whether you’re helping a student improve their reading, working the drop-off line at the school, or just taking the simple step to join a PTA - you are making the difference in the lives of our kids!

PTA is focused on making every child's potential a reality by strengthening education and taking a comprehensive approach to community success. And we know there is no commYOUnity without YOU, our members, our business leaders, our decision-makers. Join us to ensure that supporting our schools is about more than fundraisers, rather the work of parents, educators and community members coming together to back the future of every child!

                                                                                                      - Texas PTA


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 Click on the image below to view our NS-9 PTSA Scrapbook.

NS-9 PTSA Scrapbook