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ID BADGES/MESH or Clear Backpacks are REQUIRED at North Shore Senior High

Dear Mustang Parents,

                According to page 7 of the student handbook, “while enrolled, high school students are required to visibly display school I.D. during school hours.  Student I.D.’s must be presented upon request of school personnel.”  This is very important for the safety of your children and our students here at North Shore Senior High School.  This helps us to make sure only those people who are authorized gain access to our campus. 

This letter is to inform you that starting on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 we will start charging students for lost or temporary ID badges.  At the beginning of the school year every student at North Shore Senior High School was issued an ID badge with a lanyard.  If students have lost or forgotten their ID badge, they will be able to purchase a one-day temporary I.D. sticker for $1.00, or a new I.D. badge for $5.00.  We do understand that students will forget their ID badges once in a while, so we do allow up to 3 free temporary I.D. stickers per student each six-week period.  If a student has been issued their three free temporary I.D.’s and does not have the money to purchase a new or temporary ID there may be issued a school consequence. 


GPISD schools will ONLY accept MESH or CLEAR Backpacks during the 2020-2021 school year. 




Campus Administration