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Cobb Parent & Family Engagement 23-24

Cobb Sixth Grade Campus


Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The Title I Parent Involvement Policy has been developed by the CPAC (Campus Planning and

Advisory Committee), which includes staff members and parents. Information received from the Parent Involvement Survey filled out by parents was used to develop the policy in order to increase parental involvement.

The staff at Cobb 6th Grade Campus believes parent involvement and meeting the individual needs of students are very important in helping students succeed. In order to promote parent involvement, the staff at Cobb 6th Grade Campus will assist in the following ways:

Distributing Information:

• The Parent Involvement Policy will be communicated and distributed to each school family through (Cobb Web Site, Parent Meetings, etc.). The policy is presented in both English and Spanish.

• Information related to school and parent coffees, parent programs, meetings, and other activities would be communicated to parents through newsletters, Cobb Web Site, Automated Black Board, and Parent meetings throughout the school year.

• Parents will be provided with timely information about the Title I program through (i.e. parent coffees, newsletters, parent teacher conferences, Cobb webpage, etc.)

• Information about the school curriculum, forms of assessment used to measure progress and the proficiency level students are expected to meet will be distributed by the school staff through parent teacher conferences, letters to parents, Cobb webpage, flyers, etc.

• The achievement test information (STAAR) shall be shared through the classroom teachers and counselors with parents or guardians of each child. This will be done through letters, and teachers/parent conferences.

• Information regarding the State’s academic content standards, local academic assessments, how to monitor a child’s progress, and work with teachers to improve achievement will be shared through newsletters, parent coffees, parent involvement, and parent workshops.

• The School-Parent Compact, which outlines how parents, the school staff and students will share in the responsibility for improved student achievement, will be communicated to each school family at open house, parent teacher conference, parent coffees, and informational pages located in the student handbooks/agendas. Parent Participation

• Parents will receive materials and have multiple opportunities to participate in technology training sessions or workshops to help improve their child’s achievement.

• Parents will have opportunities to participate in school decision-making regarding the education of their children through Parent Meetings, Parent Coffees, Site Based Team, and Parent Teacher Conferences. Parents may request a conference with their child’s teachers at any time by contacting the front office.

• Parents will be involved in the planning, review, and improvement of the school’s Title I program and the Parent Involvement Policy through the annual evaluation of the Title I program sent home each spring, Site Based Decision Making Team, and Parent Involvement Facilitator.

• Barriers to parental participation e.g., transportation, childcare, time of day, etc., will be addressed based on individual needs.


• Parents will be informed at the Annual Title One Parent Coffees and Parent meetings of the school’s participation in the Title I program, the requirements of the program and the rights of parents to be involved.

• Parent meetings and conferences will be held at various times to meet the needs of families. Spanish translations will be provided as needed.