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Dress Code 2021-2022

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A few reminders for students and parents regarding Cobb's dress code:

  • Tops Bottoms 

    Solid blue or red collared shirt 

    Cobb hoodie (available for purchase, $20) 

    Cobb t-shirt (available for purchase, $10)

    Navy, khaki or black pants

    Navy, khaki or black skirts/dresses (knee length)

    Blue or black jeans with no rips/tears above the knee exposing skin

    Spirit Day – Principal to designate days
    Spirit shirt, college shirt, or standardized dress tops may be worn.

    Rules for Cobb 6th Grade

    • Shirts must be appropriatly sized.
    • Pants must fit at the waist or a student must wear a belt. There will be no sagging.
    • Students whose pants are sagging will have their pants cinched with a zip tie.
    • Pants may not have any holes exposing skin above the knee
    • No spandex, leather, or pleather pants, skirts, or shorts
    • Shorts, skirts, dresses, and skorts must be mid-thigh or longer
    • Shirts must be tucked in
    • No leggings unless under a skirt or dress
    • Long shirts are not considered a dress
    • Hair must be clean and out of the face and be a natural color
    • No symbols or shapes may be cut into the hair
    • No backless shoes
    • No pierced ring or stud in visible body parts besides ears (e.g. lip, nose, eyebrows, tongue)
    • No gauges in ears
    • All tattoos must be completely covered
    • A student’s attire cannot cause a distraction
    • All backpacks or over-sized bags/purses must be see-through (clear or mesh)
    • Additional Rules for Middle School Only
    • Jackets must be unzipped when students enter the building so that staff can see color of shirt
    • Pull over sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, etc. must be the solid color of the grade level