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How to report issues with GPISD Chromebooks and Chargers

  • Starting Wednesday, August 16th, students can put in tickets if they are having issues with their devices or chargers.
  • Each teacher received a flyer with the QR code for the Tech Squad tickets for their classroom.
  • There is a link in ClassLink that students/teachers can also utilize for the Tech Squad tickets called NS10 Tech Squad Help Desk.   (Icon Looks Like this!)
  • Link to Tech Squad Help Desk Ticket
  • We will conduct Chromebook Health Checks the week of September 12th-16th during Science classes.

Chromebook Work Flow:

    • Mrs. Enriquez issues new students' Chromebooks.
    • Ms. Garcia & Ms. Rogers assists students with Chromebook or charger issues after they complete the NS10 Tech Squad ticket using the link or the QR code.
    • Mrs. Moore will accept Chromebooks from students who are unenrolling.
    • The front office will accept payments from students for damaged devices and chargers.
    • Ms. Garcia & Ms. Rogers will replace damaged devices and chargers upon presentation of a receipt.