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Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Did you know that students who miss as little as two days a month are at risk of not graduating from high school? Even strong students with good grades in elementary school can quickly fall off course in middle and high school if they miss a few classes. Lessons build on one another and move more quickly in the upper grades. While it may not seem like it, students can’t make up for too many absences with take-home assignments. Many teens don’t think it matters to skip a class during the day, but it does.

It is also important that we identify any barriers that might keep your child from coming to school every day. Is your child staying home during the day to watch a younger sibling? Is he or she concerned about bullying? Are there other obstacles which affect your child’s attendance? If there are barriers your family currently faces which makes attending school regularly a challenge, please reach out to your child’s school, so we can work together and connect you with resources that offer help for the whole family.

We encourage you to talk to your child about the importance of being in school every day.



Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow! Don't let absences add up!

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!