Performance Reporting


  What’s New in Performance Reporting

Academic Accountability

 Upcoming Releases

The full 2018 accountability data downloads will be published on the TEA website by August 30. In addition to the accountability summary data, this data download provides all data included in the 2018 accountability data tables in an Excel, comma-delimited, or tab-delimited format.

Additionally, the Accountability Ratings Domain Data Overview Report and the Distinction Designation Data Overview Report are scheduled to be posted by August 30. 

Assessment Scoring and Reporting

The Student Portal has been updated with all spring results, including the June retest administrations and the optional May 2018 Algebra II and English III administration. Parents can access their child’s STAAR or STAAR Alternate 2 results using a unique access code, which can be found at the bottom of their child’s STAAR Report Card. (Parents can also look up their child's scores if they have their PEIMS number (SSN) and date of birth). Additionally, parents can view their child’s performance relative to the campus, district, and state.

The raw score to scale score conversion tables were posted here.  (These will allow you to take a child's STAAR test scale score and see what the matching percent is.)